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Fields of application

Project management

Wether in startups or established companies, successful projects always need a big picture, but also a focus on the details.

The Round Method - Circular Calendar is a perfect match for that. Offline and therefore guaranteed to be free from problems with the cloud, data security or the Internet connection. Intuitive, fast and goal-oriented.


Create Visions, Employer Branding

Surprise your employees with the Round Method - Circular Calendar in your corporate design.

Common objectives and visions create trust and give your employees the feeling of active participation.

The printed year planner acts as an anchor in the flood of digital impressions that surround us every day.

Promotional gift

Give pleasure to your (future) customers with the Round Method - Circular Calendar as a meaningful and aesthetic promotional gift.

Ideal for special occasions like Christmas or New Year or, thanks to the unique structure with no limits,  for any time in the course of the year, at trade fairs, for example.

An investment that pays off

Use working time efficiently - save money

With its unique structure, the Round Method - Circular Calendar helps keep a focus on the bigger goals and visions and align daily and weekly tasks with them.

Objectives become clearer and the pursuit of  the goal set is done with much more awareness of the big picture.

This saves working time and therefore resources.

Just imagine: each of your employees could save one hour of working time each month.



Initial investment Circular Calendar 1:       approx. € 15,-


1h working time saved  2:                     approx. € 45,-



Potential  savings 3:          approx.   € 30,- /month

This equates to 360 euros per year per employee or 36.000 euros per year for a company with 100 employees.

 And now imagine, your employees could even  be saving one hour a week!

Basic Price

€ 379,-

for 25 pieces

€ 749,-

for 50 pieces

€ 1490,-

for 100 pieces

€ 2490,-

for 200 pieces

€ 4790,-

for 500 pieces

€ 5990,-

for 1000 pieces

Individual Logo

+  € 249,-

Individual Colors

+ € 490,-

Packed Separately (1pcs.)

+ € 7,- / Piece

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Sources & Annotations:

1 |  Assumptions, Order of 100 pieces without individualization

2 |      October 2014

3 |  Example only - actual potential for savings depends on several factors