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The Round Method - Weekly Planner is a free printable calendar; paper-based, offline, efficient.

 We love time management with pen and paper!

Free download of printable Weekly Planner

You will recieve a download link by mail

Even with our modern digital calendars, we often don't have time and focus for the really important things. But they are what drive our vision and help us to reach our goals.

Somehow the connection between the big picture and the things we do on a daily basis seems to get lost.

The printed planning tools by Round Method help to reconnect our daily schedule with our visions, dreams and bigger goals.

A good start is to download the free Round Method - Week Planner.


The Round Method Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner - Free Download

You will recieve a download link by mail

The Round Method - Weekly Planner can be downloaded here for free and can be printed on demand. Easy, simple and without any hidden costs.

Also feel free to share the planner with others.


If you are interested in a customized version, e.g. with the logo of your company,

please contact me.


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